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Re-Ignite Your Energy Team Building Workshop

  • How is your team operating?

  • Are you struggling with building your team?

  • Are you getting the results you want from your team?

  • How are you measuring success?


Everyone is a leader, whether they realize it or not. We will help you build your team of leaders so that everyone is empowered and operating from the same level of energy – the energy of success.


We will provide your team with baseline information about Energy Leadership that supports leadership development, communications and growth for the benefit of all interpersonal relationships and your company’s business development.


​Energy Leadership is a framework that gives the team new language and concepts to help strengthen every aspect of your business.

It empowers each person to successfully lead themselves and the team through stressful situations, evaluate decisions and build key relationships that are invaluable to your success.

This system allows you to grow as a leader because it allows you to take a step back and examine your actions and the impact of those actions.


Self-awareness is the hallmark of a growth mindset, which is linked to high performance and achieving mission excellence (Dweck, C. (2006). Mindset: the new psychology of success. New York: Random House.)


The Benefits

  • Increase in productivity and cohesive interactions

  • Increase in energetic engagement

  • Increase in workability with interpersonal relationships

  • Increased efficiency

  • Decrease in stress

  • Connection to each other

  • Ability to create win/win situations that increase your success – both individually and as a company

  • Develop the ability to create from a place of power vs. being at the effect of conditions outside of your control


What’s Offered

  • Discovery meeting to assess the organization’s needs, challenges and overall culture/goals.

  • Includes a 30-minute meeting with the Executive Team and brief 1:1 meetings with each member of the team.

  • Re-Ignite Your Energy Workshop covering the 7 Levels of Leadership and the Blocks that prevent team members from accessing their true potential.


Additional Items for Consideration

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions for individual employees. 

    • Recommended: 3 months of coaching (12 weekly sessions). This supports employees in their learning and incorporating that learning into their everyday working environment.

  • Individual Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessments. This one-of-a-kind attitudinal assessment helps you identify your perceptions, behaviors and overall leadership capabilities.  Includes a one-hour Debrief Session.

  • Leadership Development Workshops:  

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing/Maintaining High Energy Relationships

  • Dynamic Communication

  • Productivity

  • Problem Solving

  • Influencing and Inspiring Others

  • Time Management/Balance


Here are some links to learn more about the benefits of Energy Leadership:

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