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Any business initiative should start with a whiteboard session and end with a “definition of success”.


Starting without a definition of success will often end in failure to achieve satisfaction because the definition will morph as the initiative gains steam.

During the RSWS, these areas will be explored:

  • Why Change?

    • Trends

    • Pressures

    • Customer Objectives

    • Market Challenges


  • Why Now?

    • Motivators

    • Disappointing Metrics

  • Why This?

    • Market Differentiators

    • New Customers

  • Next Steps

    • Assessment

    • Leadership Responsible for Success


The RSWS’s objective is to establish a “strategic direction” for any initiative.


The go/no go decision is based on: will the implementation risks create a competitive advantage? If yes, proceed.


Strategic direction only becomes “strategy” when it is supported by management and executed on the ground. Until that happens, strategic direction is merely “theory”.


The next step is to define success. Success can be based on gaining or avoiding the loss of market share, integrating a new technology, being compliant to regulations, market diversification or many other factors. The definition of success requires a defined scope with stated goals.


One would never get in a vehicle with the intent of arriving at a destination without a dashboard or map. The RSWS is a trip planner.

Roadmap to Success Whiteboard Session

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