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Optimal Performance Mastermind Group is Forming – Apply Now!

The Value of Mastermind Groups

To get your 2021 off to a fast start, LEVL5 is excited to introduce our new Optimal Performance Mastermind Group. A mastermind group’s value goes beyond tangible, immediate Return-On-Investment (ROI). It is like having an objective board of directors, a success team, and a peer advisory group — all rolled into one. Members can develop valuable new friendships, identify trusted mentors and have a positive impact on their organizations.

The group cost is relatively low when compared to the long-term value of optimal performance.

Mastermind groups come in many forms with varieties of length, schedules, structures, content, number of members and cost. All groups have the same basic rules. The general concept is that each member will be an active participant in the group, considerate to others, respect confidentiality and be committed.

The Optimal Performance Mastermind Group Program

LEVL5 is built on the five-levels that lead product and service organizations to optimal performance: Team, Measure, Serve, Grow and Success. Our groups have a maximum of five members. It is a six-month program.

The group meets virtually on the third Friday of each month with a two-day virtual best practices workshop in the sixth month. The agendas include dynamic, facilitator-led group sessions by Randy Field from LEVL5 covering proprietary business tools and success formulas generated over the last 20 years.

The group launches Friday, February 19th and wraps with the virtual workshop Friday, July 16th and Saturday, July 17th.

Session Topics

The group’s first five months will focus on each of the five levels for optimal performance results.

Team: Teams are not born – they are built. Even if every team member is a “team player”, it still needs to come together as a team with a common goal regardless of other duties and distractions.

Measure: Most organizations measure the basics (sales, profit/loss, shipments) and review reports every thirty-days. Achieving optimal performance requires near real-time feedback from a dashboard. The alternative is driving the organization while looking in the rearview mirror.

Serve: Serving your customers is a continuous, proactive process. TQM, ISO, Malcolm Baldridge, Net Performance Scores (NPS), best practices, surveys and other tools available.

Grow: Growth comes in different forms including the integration of new technologies, adding new skills, new products/services, moving to larger facilities and many other organic/inorganic areas.

Success: Success can be defined by baby steps or huge steps. For example, it can be shipping the first product or sending astronauts to the space station from U.S. soil.

Best Practices Virtual Workshop

During our final virtual workshop, each member will have an opportunity to present the impact the group has had on themselves and their organization. The other members will act as a mock Board of Directors providing feedback and suggestions. The net result is an opportunity to identify “best practices”. The goal is to create a community that will continue to communicate with each other long after the group graduates!

The Optimal Performance Application – apply now!

Traditionally, Mastermind Group members are selected from applications. This process supports the formation of a group of “like-minded” individuals that grow to be valuable advisors for each other during and after the group is concluded.

Our application process simply requires being connected through LinkedIn. We are naturally selected as being like-minded. The group is limited to five registrants. If interested and to get qualified, please schedule a call with Randy at

One week before the start of each session, members will receive an agenda and online gift bag with items that support our next session. Gift bag items might include ebooks, supporting materials or other items.

The Optimal Performance Mastermind Group fee of $2,500 includes all materials, session notes, LEVL5 proprietary business tools and a post-graduation 1-on-1 call.

We look forward to forming a great group!

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