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LEVL5 and Six Eagles Haven are GROWING!

Eighteen months ago, Allison and Randy Field established LEVL5 combining our extensive experience as coach, trainer and consultant. Achieving success requires five levels of action with the fifth being Success! Many organizations whether public, private, for profit or non-profit tend to skip over the first four levels. There are no shortcuts to success.

A Tootsie Pop commercial has a young boy asking a wise old owl the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The owl takes it from the boy and counts out three licks – then, bites it. The announcer says that we may never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

Organizations are similar: (1) have an idea, (2) form a team that might not work as a team - and (3) throw the task over the fence to achieve success. Unfortunately, achieving success is not that simple.

Lastly, executives, middle managers and those on the ground reach out to coaches, trainers and consultants for help – and, these advisors are not often integrated. Each advisor only knows what the person sitting in front of them has told them about the organization or task at hand.

An organization’s CEO joins a CEO Round Table that meets once a month with nine peers and gets inspired to enter a new market. At the next staff meeting, the CEO relates the new vision and asks the middle managers to learn more about the market and form a business development team. The middle managers find a relevant trade show and get training. The team hires a consultant with new market experience. There is no plan, no budget and no definition for success. To quote a Fortune 100 executive, the result is: “All roads lead to failure.”

LEVL5 offers an integrated set of coaching, training, and consulting to help organizations achieve optimum performance.

The Genesis of Six Eagles Haven

Six months after forming LEVL5, Allison and I opened Six Eagles Haven. The missing link. A forty-acre retreat, event and getaway center located on the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains near Grand Junction, Colorado. At Six Eagles Haven, teams can visit for strategic meetings, team building – or, to hole up to get some work done.

Now, organizations have the option to meet our coaches, trainers, and consultants at their site, online, at Six Eagles Haven – or, use any combination of the three to achieve optimum performance.

The Five Levels to Success

The five levels to success are not linear – they are circular. Success is a continuous cycle. It can be defined for short-term and long-term goals. It can be defined by baby steps or huge steps. It can be defined as sending astronauts to the space station from U.S. soil, becoming the first trillion-dollar public company or shipping the first product. Achieving success as a team is rewarding.

Level One: Team

Teams are not born – they are built. Even if every team member is a “team player”, they still need to come together as a team with a common language and goal. Many team players have other duties and distractions. Teams need coaches and trainers for support to win!

Level Two: Measure

Most organizations measure the basics – but, do they measure their key success drivers? Nobody would drive 500 miles without a dashboard in their vehicle. What is the speed, fuel level and engine temperature? Yet, organizations will drive for 30 days or longer to learn results: sales, profit/loss, shipments and much more. Achieving optimum performance requires near real-time feedback from a dashboard. The alternative is driving an organization while looking in the rearview mirror.

Level Three: Serve

Serving your customers is not a cliché. It is a proactive process. Net Performer Scores (NPS) are a lagging indicator of customer satisfaction and relying on a one-question survey of “would you recommend us?” provides a false sense of security. When scores dive, the cause is unknown.

Level Four: Grow

Growth is not a product of measure and serve. Growth for the past five decades has come from taking advantage of new technologies and benefiting from competitors that do not. Growth requires a committed strategic direction to integrate emerging technologies. Services and products require a technology “stack” to be delivered securely, efficiently, and effectively. Consultants can help fill the gaps and accelerate the time to market.

Level Five: Success

Success can only be achieved after it is defined. Starting any new initiative without defining success first is like getting in a car and driving without any idea of where you are going. You will never get to your destination because there is not one. Seems obvious but often overlooked.

Introducing Three New Maze Flex Packages

LEVL5 and Six Eagles Haven are growing. Our clients have come from many verticals including Education, Technology, Manufacturing, Communications and Services.

Over the last 18 months, we have learned a lot from our clients and have applied that knowledge to create three new Maze Flex Packages serving various needs. The packages we offer are: Foundational, Growth and Transformational experiences because one-size-does-not-fit-all. We can customize any package to fit your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Contact Us for a Free Exploratory Call

To schedule a free Exploratory call, please click here or visit our website at On the call we can determine which package or custom set of services will support your continued SUCCESS!

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